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Mediation is a better process for resolving conflict

Mediation offers a better process for communication, understanding, and decision making.  Whether your goal is: A healthier pathway to a restructured family (divorce), The restoration or preservation of a relationship, or The resolution of...

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Divorce and the Stages of Grief

Divorce brings with it a powerful sense of loss.  This loss throws people into a grieving process.  (Also see the Top Ten Losses People Grieve when Divorcing.)  Here is a seven stage model for understanding...

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When difficulties get you stuck — look at the other side!

When in a conflict situation, adopt an approach that seeks more information than you currently know.  Instead of making assumptions, judgments and positions based on what you know, realize that there is much you...

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Benefits of divorce mediation | Saint Paul, MN

 If you are considering a legal separation or divorce – before you call a divorce lawyer – you should consider the benefits of using divorce mediation. 1.   You will experience significant cost savings both...

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Divorce Mediation: Top 10 Reasons to Use Mediation for a Divorce | Saint Paul, MN

10. MEDIATION COSTS LESS In Minnesota it is common for divorce attorneys to charge between $250 and $500 per hour. The more issues in dispute the more money each spouse pays to his or...

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Cooperative Co-parenting: for the sake of the child | Saint Paul, MN

Minnesota Co-parenting Resources Cooperative parenting with your ex can give your children continued stability and close relationships with both parents—but it certainly isn’t easy. In reality, putting aside relationship issues to co-parent amicably can...

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