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Mediation is a better process for resolving conflict

Mediation offers a better process for communication, understanding, and decision making.  Whether your goal is: A healthier pathway to a restructured family (divorce), The restoration or preservation of a relationship, or The resolution of...

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Mediation Services: Professional Mediation in the Twin Cities of Minnesota

A mediator stands in the middle to help resolve a dispute. Most people are called upon to mediate a small dispute at various points in their lives. However, mediation as a profession is quite...

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Mediation Benefits: Why Choose Mediation? Saint Paul, MN

Eight reasons to choose mediation to resolve conflicts. Whether the issues are within a family, a divorce, co-parenting challenges, business disputes, employment, school, church, or community — mediation is a superior option for resolving...

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Mediation Process: Conflict Happens… Mediation can Help! Minneapolis MN

Mediation… Not Just Another Option… It’s A Solution! When there is conflict within a family system… when a relationship is being dissolved… When tensions threaten a community, business, church or nonprofit service organization… Mediation...

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