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Why do people get Divorced? | White Bear Lake, MN

There are lots of reasons people give for divorcing. Some say they have grown apart or have stopped loving each other. They may disagree about things, argue, and say they just can’t get along...

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Divorce Mediation: #4 of 10 Reasons to Avoid Adversarial Divorce Litigation | New Brighton, MN

#4.    Children are often used as pawns when fighting for one’s position in divorce wars. The old saying goes that “All is fair in love and war”, but using the children as expendable implements...

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Divorce Mediation: #7 of 10 Reasons to Avoid Adversarial Divorce Litigation | Hugo, MN

  #7.    The win/lose mentality denies the benefits of cooperation and seeking workable solutions for all. The very nature of adversarial divorce litigation tends to push the process into a win/lose mentality.  The lawyers...

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Divorce Mediation: Intro to 10 Reasons to Avoid Adversarial Divorce Litigation* | Minneapolis, MN

Adversarial litigation teaches people the opposite of the skills they will need to create a healthier and more peaceful future – according to Matthew J. Sullivan, Ph.D.    Here are ten points adapted from Sullivan’s...

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Divorce advice: Split Happens… dealing with divorce | Minneapolis, MN

How to deal with a friend’s or family member’s divorce.   Adapted from February 21, 2012 article by There’s no denying that divorce is hardest on the couple and their children. But its...

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Divorce Mediation: Top 10 Reasons to Use Mediation for a Divorce | Saint Paul, MN

10. MEDIATION COSTS LESS In Minnesota it is common for divorce attorneys to charge between $250 and $500 per hour. The more issues in dispute the more money each spouse pays to his or...

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