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Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Process: The Good Divorce | Saint Paul, MN

A Good Divorce is not an oxymoron.  It is a a very real possibility. There are so many horror stories about ugly divorce processes that some people wonder if a “good divorce” is possible. ...

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Divorce Advice: Take care of yourselves | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Empathetic help through the divorce process from Dorman Mediation. Here is an email that was sent to a client in June of 2013. Dear X & Y, It seemed like the realities of life-after-divorce were...

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No-Fault Divorce in Minnesota | Ramsey County

Minnesota’s divorce system is based on the principle of “no-fault,” meaning that a divorce will be granted if either party believes that the marriage is over—without requiring a showing of wrongdoing by either party....

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Divorce Mediation: #8 of 10 Reasons to Avoid Adversarial Divorce Litigation | Little Canada, MN

People need to begin building a bridge across the gulf between them, but often the tactics of adversarial divorce litigation polarize issues, deepen the conflict, increase the pain, and push them further apart.  Adversarial...

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Divorce Advice: Civilized divorce is possible | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Divorce without the war An outrageous and bitter divorce battle over material possessions is portrayed in the 1989 film, The War of the Roses, costarring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.  After nearly twenty years...

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Divorce Mediation Article White Bear Lake MN

Disarming Divorce Disputes: former pastor tries to limit damage in tough break-ups Published: QUAD COMMUNITY PRESS     Tuesday, February 22, 2011 By: Nicholas Backus CENTERVILLE — For Jeff Dorman, divorce isn’t a dirty word, it’s the...

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