Minnesota Marriage Mediation

How does marriage mediation work?

A licensed clinical psychologist who is also a pastor used to tell couples getting married, “I guarantee you will have conflict in your relationship. It is how you choose to deal with the conflict that makes the difference between strengthening or damaging your relationship. It’s up to you.”

Many relationships become consumed by disagreement, silent tensions, extra marital affairs or bitter vocal arguments. Such toxic relationship symptoms often lead to the alienation, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction that frequently results in break-up or divorce.

Marriage Mediation Helps Save Marriages

Marriage mediation is a healthy and direct alternative to marriage counseling for couples with marriage problems. Conflicts can be resolved quickly and effectively while a building a better relationship.

While marriage counseling often focuses on individual or relational pathology, mediation assists the couple to identify specific areas of conflict on which to focus. Together, they learn to use the mediation process to find points of agreement and to negotiate conflict-reducing resolutions. Throughout the process of marriage mediation, couples will be developing and practicing cooperative, respectful, constructive ways of communicating and reaching accord.

Defining areas of conflict, considering possible solutions, and building mutually-supportive and well-understood agreements may change the most difficult marriage into one with tremendous potential.

Common Areas of Conflict

Power struggles often arise out of poor communication, blurred commitments, unspoken expectations, unclear divisions of roles, and differing understandings about time and money. Areas of disagreement may also include differing expectations of affection and sex, relationships with family and friends, parenting practices, money management, religious practice and career plans.

Every long-term relationship will experience conflict.

There is no easy way out that eliminates having to deal with conflict. Divorce alone does not terminate conflict – especially when children are involved. In future long-term relationships most people not only experience new unique differences and disagreements, but they usually are continuing to deal with unresolved issues involving a prior partner.

Find Resolution and Peace

Marriage Mediation is the process of helping spouses to identifying what is and isn’t working day-to-day in their marriage. Using a safe, structured, and confidential process, the focus is on establishing communication to construct clear and mutually satisfying agreements that positively and productively shape the relationship.

To Save Your Marriage

Marriage Mediation is one of the most direct and cost-effective ways to address current and future challenges in your relationship.

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