Minnesota Elder Care Mediation

For elders and families who are navigating the complex and emotionally charged waters concerning end-of-life care, financial arrangements, medical decisions, and estate matters… mediation is a powerful way to get some support and help.

Elder mediation helps families make vital decisions while also keeping communication channels open and avoid damage to family relationships.

The mediator facilitates discussion and helps elders and families explore options that address the many needs families are trying to sort out together.

Elder mediation is often about more than reaching a specific agreement.

Participants declare multiple benefits:

  • The facilitated conversation helped me feel fully heard.
  • I was able to talk about the things that matter most, before it’s too late.
  • We were able to accomplish in a few hours what hadn’t been achieved in months.
  • It reduces stress for families already facing enough difficulty and stress.

Mediators help elders and families address important matters including:

  • health and medical care
  • end-of-life care
  • sharing family care-giving
  • care-giving schedules and expenses
  • living arrangements
  • property maintenance
  • family members’ role in decisions
  • guardianship decisions
  • financial arrangements
  • probate matters such as wills, estates and trusts

Who initiates Elder Mediation?

Elder Adults…

  • Sometimes elder adults initiate the mediation as a way to gather the family together before matters get too difficult.
  • Some elder adults want their wishes about estate matters or end-of-life decisions to be fully understood by family members and find that a mediator can provide the support and structure to help that happen most constructively.
  • Some want to have frank discussions with their children and grandchildren as a way to preempt the kinds of misunderstandings that lead to probate problems and legal action after they’ve passed.

Adult Children…

  • Often an adult child may initiate the mediation as a way to sort through tension between siblings or between elder parents and adult children.
  • Some want to resolve differences while parents or grandparents are still alive
  • Some feel financially stretched and are seeking an economically efficient way to resolve differences.
  • Some want to help the family get back on an even keel for better future joint decision-making.

Elder-Care Professionals

  • Sometimes the staff of hospitals, nursing homes or assisted living facilities recommend mediation when disagreements reach a point beyond what a case manager or patient liaison has the time or training to manage.

Elder mediation is a choice for those who want the caring support, clarity, and help of person who is familiar with geriatric issues and prepared to help them talk things out in order to preserve their most important relationships.

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