Benefits of divorce mediation | Saint Paul, MN

 If you are considering a legal separation or divorce – before you call a divorce lawyer – you should consider the benefits of using divorce mediation.

1.   You will experience significant cost savings both now and in the future.

2.   Mediation takes less time than the adversarial legal process.

3.   Mediation is much healthier for the couple and their children.

4.   You take the first steps toward improving relationships between both parents and their children.

5.   There will be less emotional stress on couples & their children.

6.   Privacy: your decisions and personal information are not disclosed.

7.   Couples avoid feeling bitter, as if one lost and the other won.

8.   Couples both get to build – and be involved in building – separate futures.

9. Couples anticipate future issues and how they will be dealt with, avoiding future disagreements.

10. Couples can return to mediation at any time to update, change, revise their agreements and file an amendment to their divorce decree without returning to court.

11. Divorce mediation is an open, fully-disclosed process based on fairness.

12. Divorce mediation works for even high-conflict situations.

 Which benefits are the most important to you?   For more information or a complimentary one-hour consultation that will explain your options and answer your questions… contact Dorman Mediation.


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