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Adversarial litigation teaches people the opposite of the skills they will need to create a healthier and more peaceful future – according to Matthew J. Sullivan, Ph.D.    Here are ten points adapted from Sullivan’s July 2010 presentation to the Minnesota chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC)

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10.   Parties are separated and told to communicate only through representation.

9.    Fear and distrust are rampant because of what might (will) be used against you.

8.    Parties learn to deliberately sabotage the other and often use massive distortion to damage the other’s reputation. 

7.    The win/lose mentality denies the benefits of cooperation and seeking workable solutions for all. 

6.    Chaos becomes the norm, rather than creating order.

5.    Unilateral action is fostered, rather than collaborative achievements. 

4.    Children are often used as pawns by fighting to one’s position “in the name of the child.”

3.    The other parent is defined as the problem – the adversary.

2.    Financial and emotional resources are depleted.

1.      This dysfunctional model is a self-perpetuating trap.  A dependency on litigation to solve ongoing conflict is created when people do not learn alternative skills.  They end up going back to court over and over.

Mediation to solve conflict collaboratively and out of court is clearly a superior option.  It leaves people psychologically healthier, emotionally happier, and financially more stable.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Dorman leverages thirty years of experience as an educator, counselor, pastor, and consultant to provide superior mediation.  With a compassionate and motivational coaching style, he has helped hundreds of people to identify their goals and act in their best interests. Jeffrey is available to mediate conflicts related to family, divorce, co-parenting, or personal needs.

“In every phase of life, I have invested energy helping people discover a healthy path to their preferred future. I believe that mediation offers the best possible scenario when walking through a divorce.”

* Check additional blogs for the exposition of each of these 10 points.

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