Mediation Services: Professional Mediation in the Twin Cities of Minnesota

A mediator stands in the middle to help resolve a dispute. Most people are called upon to mediate a small dispute at various points in their lives. However, mediation as a profession is quite different from what most people are familiar with. Professional mediation is demanding work that requires skill, training and experience to do well. It also requires a person to set aside their own beliefs about a conflict and concentrate on what the individuals involved are willing and able to do.

Professional mediators do not decide who is right and who is wrong. Nor do they decide what people should do about their problem. Instead, mediators work to create an environment where people can work together to gain a better mutual understanding of the situation.

Mediators also assist in the identification and sharing of needs and interests as well as the generation of possible options that might solve the problem. The goal is for the parties to create a solution together that is acceptable to all who are directly involved.

The mediation process empowers all parties while seeking fair solutions and resolving disputes respectfully. With a better process, you can have better outcomes!

When you are looking for a respectful professional mediator, call Dr. Jeffrey S. Dorman at Dorman Mediation.

Dorman Mediation services both family and civil dispute resolution needs.

  1. Divorce, Post-divorce, Marriage, Family, Co-parenting, Elder Mediation…
  2. Business, Church, School, Community…

 It is through cooperation, rather than conflict, that your greatest successes will be derived.            

                                                                                             Ralph Charell


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