Mediation is a better process for resolving conflict

Mediation offers a better process for communication, understanding, and decision making.  Whether your goal is:

  1. A healthier pathway to a restructured family (divorce),
  2. The restoration or preservation of a relationship, or
  3. The resolution of a conflict in business, church, or community.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Dorman has always sought to help people find the healthiest way forward from wherever they are in life. In both of his former careers, as a public school teacher and as a Lutheran Pastor, he has helped people discern their values, look at multiple options, and choose the best course for their future. Jeff’s passion for mediation stems from a deep concern for the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Utilize his education, expertise, and 30-years of experience to resolve your concerns.

A Free One-Hour Consultation is your opportunity to discuss your unique situation and determine whether mediation is the right option for you.  Call today!

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