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The mission of the Conflict Resolution Center (CRC) is to: Bring people together to find lasting and effective solutions to conflict.  CRC’s vision is to be the primary community resource for creating opportunity from conflict, and where repairing harm is valued over punishment.

Since 1983, CRC has provided communities with the tools to peacefully and effectively resolve disputes. CRC accepts requests for voluntary and court-mandated mediation, arbitration, and large group facilitation, and provides educational and training opportunities to the public. CRC services are based on a core belief that individuals of all ages and backgrounds are capable of resolving their own disputes – effectively, inexpensively, and peacefully – with assistance from trained volunteer mediators.

CRC is dedicated to providing dispute resolution services and training to all people, especially those who cannot afford traditional services offered through the courts. We focus on serving those for whom traditional services have not worked in the past because they did not address underlying issues or were not culturally appropriate. Mediation used earlier in the dispute process can prevent the need for further intervention on the part of city departments, the police, or courts – thus saving valuable resources and tax dollars.

Some of the many SERVICES OFFERED

Mediation in your neighborhood
Sometimes it is difficult to talk about a problem you may be having with a neighbor or someone who lives nearby. Mediation can help you resolve concerns such as barking dogs, property line questions, neighborhood noise, parking disputes, and a whole host of other issues. At times, it may seem like the only solution may be to move from your home to get away from the problem! But there is another way, a better solution … Mediation!

Landlord/tenant mediation
CRC helps landlords and tenants handle problems together to produce solutions that work for both parties. Examples of frequent issues for mediation are: repairs, non-payment of rent, deposits, and noise. Landlords and tenants can avoid costly eviction and unlawful detainers by using mediation instead of going to court. Mediation is less costly and easier than courts. Sessions are held at a location and time convenient for you. If you are a landlord or tenant experiencing problems, call the Conflict Resolution Center first. You, rather than a judge, decide on a solution tailored to resolve your issues.

Pre-Filing Housing Court Mediation Project
Pre-Filing Mediation is provided in connection with the 4th Judicial District Housing Court (Hennepin County). Parties that are interested attempting Pre-Filing Mediation begin by contact the Housing Court to open a court file and then request mediation. Pre-Filing Mediation agreements are backed by the Housing Court. Parties can file for non-compliance on the mediated settlement if the other party does not meet the terms of agreement. For more information about the Court’s role in the mediation process, please contact the Housing Court at 612-348-5168.

Mediation in business cases
Mediation provides a structures process to resolve matters that involve businesses and/or consumers. In addition, CRC can help resolve disputes between employers and their staff or among personnel. Before filing in Small Claims Court (Conciliation Court), consider calling us.

Relationship/family mediation
Mediation focusses on changing communication skills and preserving relationships. It has proven to be an excellent method of resolving disputes between family members and friends. CRC can help resolve post-divorce issues and problems involving family members, significant others, and partners. If you were never married to your partner, or if you are in a GLBT relationship, we can help you to resolve co-parenting issues, pet custody differences, and disputes over personal and real property.

Elder mediation
This is a growing specialization in the area of family mediation. Mediation can improve understanding and communication between older adults and the important people in their lives. Mediation can be used when elders must make decisions regarding housing transitions, family caregiver responsibilities, finances, and health care questions.

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*** Dr. Jeff Dorman has served as a volunteer mediator, committee member, and trainer for the CRC since 2010 and has great appreciation for their work in Minneapolis and beyond.  For mediation needs outside their ability to serve, contact Dorman Mediation.

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