Mediation Process: Conflict Happens… Mediation can Help! Minneapolis MN

Mediation… Not Just Another Option… It’s A Solution!

When there is conflict within a family system… when a relationship is being dissolved… When tensions threaten a community, business, church or nonprofit service organization… Mediation is the unsurpassed choice.

Mediation uses an impartial person to guide a course of action whereby individuals generate informed decisions and mutually acceptable agreements. Mediation is one of the key activities in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution – solving conflict out of court.

Mediators are neutral facilitators who guide you through a step-by-step process designed to help you examine your situation in the terms of your needs and interests. Relevant information is gathered and shared, possible solutions are generated, and settlement options are developed and discussed to be sure they fairly meet everyone’s goals.

Dr. Jeff Dorman leverages thirty years of experience as an educator, counselor, pastor, and consultant to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution resources. He is available to mediate conflicts related to family, divorce, co-parenting, personal needs; as well as situations affecting business, church, school, and community.



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