Mediation Benefits: Why Choose Mediation? Saint Paul, MN

Eight reasons to choose mediation to resolve conflicts.

Whether the issues are within a family, a divorce, co-parenting challenges, business disputes, employment, school, church, or community — mediation is a superior option for resolving conflicts.

Mediation is affordable.

The fee of mediation is shared between the parties and it is a fraction of the cost of time consuming and expensive litigation. This is a cost-effective process that avoids both the financial and emotional toll of a legal battle in court.

Mediation is convenient.

The sessions can be held during the day, evenings, or on the weekends. Scheduling is dependent on the parties and the mediator’s availability.

Mediation is less stressful.

 The parties involved have a safe environment to discuss their concerns and explore options. 

Mediation is confidential.

Information shared during mediation cannot be used in court, allowing the parties to consider all possibilities without pressure. It also prevents public exposure of private issues. 

Mediation minimizes the effects of conflict.

Litigation tends to be lengthy, expensive, adversarial, and it often amplifies conflict. The goal is to stack up evidence against the other party and prove them wrong. This not only cultivates fear and mistrust, it can result in further damaging the parties. But mediation helps people build a bridge across the most conflicted waters and to create their own equitable solution.

Mediation promotes positive communication.

Mediation provides a more comfortable setting for the parties to discuss interests, concerns, and options. It also fosters necessary skills for dialing down the emotion, really listening, and solving problems in a positive manner.

Mediation allows the parties to direct their own lives and futures.

Since the parties are finding a solution to their own situation, they can create an option that is agreeable to all of the parties involved. The parties are the experts on their own situation, and it is important that they steer their own futures.

Most importantly… Mediation works!


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  1. […] Why choose Mediation?   Mediation makes sense from both a practical and a tactical standpoint. By reaching an agreement through mediation, the parties will save significant time and money by avoiding costly court motions and trials. Usually both parties split the cost of mediation. Even if mediation is unsuccessful, the parties will have narrowed down the issues, which makes for a more focused and productive court trial if one becomes necessary. Being prepared for trial is not only good for your case, but it also puts you in better standing in the eyes of the judge. […]

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