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giant-worldwide-leadership-consultingJeff Dorman is pleased to work as a Senior Associate with GiANT Worldwide.

To find out more about this international leadership consultancy, simply click the links in the following statements to go to corresponding pages of the GiANT Worldwide website.

• GiANT Worldwide can help you to “Become a Leader Worth Following

• GiANT Worldwide is a global company dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship.

• GiANT Worldwide offers a powerful process that utilizes relational apprenticeship to change leadership culture within an organization or team. It’s called Culture Builder.

• The Leader Essentials are workshops for teams & organizations designed to elevate and improve the leadership capabilities of your teams and employees.

• We raise the capacity of leaders by coaching teams & individuals in Core Groups.

• The Leader Intensive is a day-and-a-half personal development opportunity to deepen one’s ability to know yourself to lead yourself. The one-to-one format brings forth insights that empower leaders to deal with the past, identify leadership landmines, envision an improved future, and create a personal strategic action plan.

Read weekly leadership insights on the GiANT Worldwide blog.

• Check out the Bio of Jeff Dorman on GiANT Worldwide website.

The VISION of Giant Worldwide

To raise up liberators who will change leadership culture in every major sector and city in the world.

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