Divorce advice: Viewing divorce as family reorganization

This healthy approach to divorce is wholeheartedly embraced by Dorman Mediation. 

10 Crucial Principles for Divorcing Couples to Understand

  • A happy family in two houses is better than a miserable family in one house.
  • A divorce terminates a marriage, but a divorce does not terminate a family.
  • Conflict damages children.
  • A divorce is not to be started lightly – it impacts multiple generations.
  • All divorces cause losses.
  • We all experience a predictable pattern of emotions in response to losses.
  • You choose to start a divorce to make your life better.
  • Revenge against the other party does not make your life better.
  • Life’s challenges give us a choice – are we going to be bitter or better?
  • Our best lessons in life come from adversity – what are you going to learn?

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 The principles above were pioneered by John A. Poppe, an attorney in Auglaize County Ohio.  This approach has been further developed by his daughter Jill A. Poppe MacKenzie, Esq.   You can find more information about her work and her One Bridge for Peace seminars at www.familylifebridge.com.


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