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Here is an email that was sent to a client in June of 2013.

Dear X & Y,

It seemed like the realities of life-after-divorce were hitting both of you yesterday, and that there is inevitably going to be grieving of the loss of finances and other benefits of marriage.  This is normal.

In a few cases (perhaps 3%-5%), people get to this point and determine that  it would be better to invest time, energy, and money into counseling rather than to move forward with the divorce.

I do not know what has led you to this point, make no assumptions and no judgments, and am not trying to push you one way or another.   My concern is that you take good care of yourselves and your psychological needs during challenging times. There is much loss to grieve and we all need a support system going through tough times.

You don’t want to go it alone – seek whatever support you need.  Remember that thousands of people across the country have wrestled with the same issues that you are facing.  You are both gifted, intelligent, hard-working, likable people… you will be able to face life’s challenges and find a way forward.

Attached are the notes from our session.  It is usually good to print these off and refer to them over the next couple weeks, checking off tasks as accomplished.   The Excel sheet of finances is attached for your reference.

Let me know when you are available for our next mediation session.

It is a privilege to work with you,

Jeff Dorman


If you or someone you know is facing a divorce, finding a caring and supportive divorce professional can make all the difference.   Contact Dorman Mediation for a complimentary one-hour consultation. 


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