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Negotiate Your Way to Good Divorce Outcomes

When a couple has decided to end their marriage, life does not have to fall apart. Yes, this is often a hard, painful, and challenging period of time. However, the process does not have to turn into a legal war when the real concern is how to transition to a new phase of life.

Most people desire to avoid destructive competitive struggles, but our culture supports the idea that in these situations one party will win and the other will lose. Thus, each party becomes committed to “winning” in the belief that she or he is destined to be either a “winner” or “loser.” The traditional legal process is automatically looked to as a means of “protecting” oneself against losing and putting oneself in a position of being able to win the maximum possible. The importance of maintaining a cooperative working relationship, even when there are children, is forgotten.

Divorce mediation offers quite a different approach to resolving conflicts between parties. Even though the parties have decided they can no longer live together as husband and wife, the mediation process encourages them to:

  1. Grant each other respect as a person
  2. Realize that a desire to “win” over the other (in terms of money, property, or other conditions of the settlement) usually leads to a “lose” situation for everyone.
  3. Embrace the value of both parties having their needs met to the extent permitted by available resources, and choose to consider the interests both of the other and of self.
  4. Acknowledge that they will continue to provide parenting for their children (if any) even though they will no longer be married to each other.

Parties considering mediation as a means of reaching a settlement are often fearful about having to make decisions about financial matters in which he or she has had little or no previous experience. Part of the role of the mediator is to provide the general information needed to make such decisions and to help explore all the legal and financial issues, options, and consequences. When necessary, the advice of other experts can be sought.

Mediation is a process that builds on future possibilities while taking care of today’s issues. The goal is to get through this challenge in life, allowing you to leave behind that which truly needs to stay in the past. This process also acknowledges the future that will hold many other opportunities.

The choice has been made to move on. Now you can make a choice for health and growth.

A Healthier Option

When divorce is inevitable, Dorman Mediation is committed to finding ways to promote healthy navigation through the stress and conflict. The goal is to arrive at mutually agreed upon resolution of interpersonal difficulties. As a family reorganizes, the needs of both individuals and their children are paramount. With a neutral party facilitating, people can resolve the conflict in a way that meets their needs and maintains their dignity.

Dr. Jeff Dorman is an expert in communication and has insightful wisdom that helps individuals better understand and interpret their interactions, and increases their potential to succeed. His creative ability to lead clients to discover unique and fitting alternatives leaves them energized to go out and face future problems on their own. Mediation clients have said that if there was anything positive about divorce it is the mediation process and the growth that takes place.

Mediation is not therapy… …however, many times something therapeutic happens.

Take charge of your future by managing the decisions that impact you and your family.

Contact us today to schedule a divorced mediation free one-hour consultation to see if Mediation is the right approach for you.

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