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Mediation is a better process for resolving conflict

Mediation offers a better process for communication, understanding, and decision making.  Whether your goal is: A healthier pathway to a restructured family (divorce), The restoration or preservation of a relationship, or The resolution of...

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Divorce Mediation: Pastor who Mediates Divorces – Minneapolis, Minnesota

When ‘one flesh’ becomes two again:  a ministry of conflict mediation within marriage disputes by Kimberly Burge                                                         Metro Lutheran Newspaper July 2011 (Minneapolis, MN)  As the U.S. divorce rate remains near 50 percent, Lutheran pastor...

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Divorce Mediation Article White Bear Lake MN

Disarming Divorce Disputes: former pastor tries to limit damage in tough break-ups Published: QUAD COMMUNITY PRESS     Tuesday, February 22, 2011 By: Nicholas Backus CENTERVILLE — For Jeff Dorman, divorce isn’t a dirty word, it’s the...

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Divorce Mediation Article Saint Paul Minnesota

Twin Cities Pastor goes from officiating marriages to helping them end well By Rachel M. Anderson, Freelance Writer                                                   October 10, 2010 (Saint Paul, MN) – Divorce is on the rise, not just in...

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Divorce Mediation Article Roseville MN

Former Pastor Helps Couples Divorce with Dignity Heather Edwards, staff writer       Roseville Review: March 2, 2011 When it comes to marriage, the Bible notes, “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” But...

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